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Feedback from Singapore FRCR 2B Courses


" I would like to thank Dr. Rumana Hossain for her laborious work to make this course possible, by flying all the expert consultants here in Singapore to share their knowledge and cases with us. My utmost gratitude also goes to all the consultants Dr. Tare, Dr. Conway, Dr. Wan and Dr. Capuano. Sessions with all these consultants were extremely beneficial and we have learnt a lot from everyone. Not forgetting Dr. Sarker for his assistance before and throughout the course. I like the fact that this course was limited to a small number of candidates as it encouraged more consultant-candidate interaction.


The first two days were intensive with lectures and viva sessions. The lectures were nothing but helpful. Although, the duration was short but all the consultants managed to squeeze in the crucial part of each subjects into the lectures. We were taught on cases, which are important for the exam and for daily practice as radiologists.


In between lectures, we had viva sessions with each of the consultants and every candidate spent equal amount of time with them. At the end of every viva session, consultant would discuss about the cases and candidate’s performance. The feedback was excellent, constructive and encouraging.


Our third day was packed with rapid reporting and long case sessions. The cases were numerous and undeniably interesting and the feedbacks given by Dr. Hossain afterwards were extremely helpful. We learnt about common cases, time management during the exam and most importantly, our common mistakes.


I personally have gained enormous amount of knowledge during this course and highly recommend it to all of the radiology residents who are planning or going for the FRCR 2B examination or any radiology examination. The course was inspirational, educational and well organised. The consultants were outstanding and the best part was, they were all eager to teach. Thank you for all the hard work."


- Dr Hairuddin Achmad, Malaysia 



" I had just passed my FRCR 2b spring exam 2016. I highly recommend this course to those preparing for the exam. I love this course especially the viva session which is mock exam styles, one in one viva and give personal feedback on every viva and reporting session. This course contains variety of films and cases & tips of how to tackle rapid reporting are provided which are really good and help me a lot in my exam preparation.
This course is really intensive..strongly suggest to those who preparing for 2b exam. "


- Dr Chan, Malaysia


" I loved the viva session. It is totally different from other courses i have went. It is in a small group with plenty of one to one viva practice. This is the highlight of this course !! Furthermore, the lectures given were excellent. There are lectures on nuclear medicine and paediatric radiology which did great help for my exam preparation. 
I passed the recent FRCR 2b spring 2016 exam. 
Highly recommend to those who are going for the exam and tend not to fly all the way to UK. "


- Dr Teo, Malaysia


" I passed the recent 2016 spring FRCR 2B exam. This course has helped me tremendously in preparing for the viva stations. The tutors were friendly, enthusiastic and experienced. 
Loved the small group size, plenty of one-on-one viva time and personalized feedback. This course really is an intensive viva boot camp! I highly recommend this for all who are preparing for the exams "


- Dr Leong, Singapore